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You know how when you were little your dad or grandpa or whoever would always take a bite of your ice cream or cake before you had a chance to try it? Then you’d pout and pull the plate away and he’d always say, “Sorry! It’s gotta pass the taste test. Gotta make sure it’s safe for you!” Well, that’s pretty much how I feel about recommending events and products on this blog. I don’t want to write up an event I’ve never been to, or whose organizers I’m not familiar with. Nor am I interested in writing about products I’ve never used, have little interest in using, or have gotten for free. Number 1, no one sends me free anything. Number 2, that’s not really what this blog is about. This is a space for sharing things I like and documenting things I want to remember.

That said, I did something totally awesome yesterday that I would wholeheartedly recommend (even-though-I’m-not-getting-paid-to-do-so) to anyone with an artsy-craftsy bone in his or her body. A friend and I went to the “postal modern” themed Handi Hour at the Renwick Gallery, right across the street from the White House. What’s a Handi Hour, one might ask? It’s the perfect combination of happy hour and crafting time. Smithsonian staff set up a large, stately room in the Renwick Gallery with art materials, live music, snacks, and beer from Churchkey/Birch and Barley for attendees to enjoy from 5:30-8pm. National Postal Museum was also a partner in this event, hence the theme.

Handi Hour at the Renwick

Attendees concentrated on using mixed materials to create our own post cards, letters, and envelops. The pride of my handiwork can be peeped in the bottom left hand corner of the above photo. I made a delicate-looking envelope out of a doily. We all paid $20 cash at the door for admission, but that took care of the snacks, two drinks, materials, entertainment and the exquisite joy of making a big mess and not having to clean it up. Staff told us the next event would be September 13th. Do bookmark the Smithsonian’s event calendar to stay up to date with their goings on. You can also connect with the Renwick on their Facebook page.

Two enthusiastic, ink stained thumbs up to the organizers for this one.

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  1. Clare says:

    I would love to go to that! I do a fair amount of crafting at home (by myself) but I like working around others because it helps to inspire me. I love the envelope you made – would never think of something like that!

    • nikolenka says:

      Thanks, Clare. I’m definitely going to use the envelope for a wedding card for two very good friends getting married in a few weeks. I love checking out the things you make on your blog. At the next Handi Hour we’ll all have to go together. :)

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