Dear Ann Curry

Unique as it was, I’ll miss Ann Curry’s playful morning style- not to mention, her professionalism and talent. Photo stills from NBC’s Today Show via

Ann Curry, I’m going to miss you on the Today show. I don’t think it’s fair that you’re leaving so soon after taking the co-anchor position. It’s only been a year, after all. I’m sure the job takes some settling into between the ungodly call times and unscripted “witty banter” that’s supposed to flow so naturally; not to mention, the minefield that is picking out your wardrobe for daily judgement by an audience of millions. And frankly, I’m not sure why you’re being asked to step down so soon. If they say it’s because Today has slipped in ratings, I’d wonder if that has less to do with your co-anchoring and more to do with editorial decisions to regularly cover the youtube flavors of the week instead of the meatier stories viewers actually care about.

I’m sure all kinds of criticisms and silly rumors will be bandied about this week about your premature departure. A few of which will focus on the funky outfits you wore on air. Ann, I’d guess you’re a strong woman and can take whatever they dish at you. (Click the above photo for a link to The Daily Beast if you need evidence of the bullying.) But in your defense, all the critics out there should consider how amazing it must feel to pull on something bright and expressive after years of trips to warzones and centers of human catastrophes. From flak jackets in Baghdad to cargo vests in Haiti. From boots in Darfur to headscarves in Iran. Ann, you’ve worn it all well. And never mind that you’re a journalist not celebrity stylist.

It’s only too bad there isn’t enough room in your flowered “Fleurty dress” for all the Emmy Awards you’ve brought to NBC over the years.

Read more about Ann’s career at and tweet your support to her @anncurry.

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  1. d*elle says:

    Very well put. I know she’ll continue being the classy, intelligent professional that we all admire in her. In any case, the best journalists belong out in the field, not on a couch.

    • nikolenka says:

      Thanks, d*elle. I agree 100%. I hope she doesn’t see this as too big a set back. It really took me aback when she said this morning, “For all of you who saw me as a ground breaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line, but man I did try!”

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