Ice Cream Paint Job

Home on a weeknight with nothing to do? Laundry done? Apartment clean? Lunch for tomorrow packed? Hair washed? Well, OK then- it’s do-it-yourself custom mani time. The weekend is almost here, so why not try something a little different. I usually keep it pretty conservative when it comes to my nails; but when I think about it, there’s no real reason not to get creative. Armed with this deep, deep revelation, I recently went out shopping and picked out two new shades:

1. Essie, Blanc, #008

2. Nicole by OPI, Rainbow in the S-Kylie, NI K06

Ice Cream Paint Job Manicure

I’d definitely recommend wearing just the white polish on its own. I did that for a couple days before overlaying the Nicole Rainbow color, which is actually a clear lacquer with multi-colored specks of glitter in various sizes. I’m calling this manicure Ice Cream Paint Job because to me it looks like a vanilla sundae covered in sprinkles. I used the glitter polish very sparingly at the top of the nail, then did extra layers at the tips for a gradient effect. If my nails were each a painting, it’d look like every one was a scene of glitter, sequins and diamonds pouring down like hail. To finish it off and smooth over the surface I used two layers of top coat. This was very easy to do and I’ve been getting compliments on my nails all week.

Happy almost-weekend!


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