Is it Casual Friday, Yet?

Soft Colors for Early Autumn

Chiffon top / Jack Wills skinny pants / Wallis leather boots / Monserat De Lucca tote handbag / Drop earrings / Burberry belt

Is it casual Friday, yet? I’m hoping and wishing and praying that when I wake up tomorrow it’ll be time hit the snooze button, throw on something comfy, run to work, then take off early for Labor Day weekend. Something tells me I’ll be disappointed come sunrise tomorrow, but that’s ok. Just one more day to go until we can officially kick off my favorite season.

Tonight I threw together these items from the warmer side end of the color spectrum for an fall outfit that would be great for the early days of the season. I’m especially loving the bow belt and dark brown leather bag. Ankle booties will have to do for now. It’s still too warm to think about donning full on boots, but it’s never too early to start looking for the perfect pair. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

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  1. altonward says:

    Good stuff! I’m interesting in doing a guest entry for your guy readers. Fall is a few weeks away, and my dudes need to be prepared. Ya know

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