#Ootd – Stripes on Stripes

Today’s Outfit of the Day features a little pattern mixing, stripes on stripes to be exact. This happens to work because the palette is limited to black and white, with just a brown leather belt for an accent. The varying scale of the stripes also helps. The scarf is made up of very fine fine lines, while the stripes on the dress are bold. I topped off the scarf, belt and dress with strappy brown flats, a simple chain, and stud earrings.

The dress was a recent purchase from asos.com that I featured in a post about summer vacation wear. It worked for me on vacation and I’ve been loving it as city wear, too. Just goes to show how far a few accessories can go to jazz up a simple cotton jersey tank dress.

ASOS Mini Bodycon Dress, $15

The scarf is actually a several seasons old. It’s from The Gap, but came to me as a Secret Santa gift from my 19 year-old male cousin. Way to go, Russell! I also once left it at a friend‘s house and she ended up taking it with her on a trip to India. Several months later, it returned to me after having been all the way around the world. I love it when I can appreciate pieces of my wardrobe not just for the look, but also for with whom I associate them and where they’ve been through the years.

Build your wardrobe with love, sweethearts.

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  1. nikolenka says:

    Thanks. I wore it with simple, brown leather strappy sandals. If a dress is a little on the tight and short side like this one, I usually will err on the demure side with the shoes for balance.

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