Sober Month

A twitter friend of mine, @dancetotheradio,  is doing something this month that I think is pretty neat. She’s decided to spend all of July totally sober and to blog about what it’s like on her new tumblr, aptly named SoberJuly. She’s not doing it because she has a problem; as she writes in her first post, it’s more of an “interesting social experiment.” She explains, “In every aspect of my life, drinks are involved.  Go to brunch – get drinks. Go out with coworkers – get drinks. Go on dates – get drinks.  If I suddenly stop, what will happen to my social life?  Is drinking only validated when enabled by others?  No one wants to drink alone, and if hanging out with me means you will be, am I still invited?” I find these questions to be compelling and I’ve wondered most of them myself on more than one occasion.

Maybe DC doesn’t seem like such a boozy town if you’re comparing it to London, or Moscow, or Vegas. But @dancetotheradio has a point, we do get down in our own right- drinking tournaments thinly veiled as kickball and softball leagues, the most crowded happy hours I have ever seen, bottomless mimosa/Bloody Mary brunches, places that take themselves so seriously you’ve got to refer to the bar staff as mixologists. At some point, it does get to feel rather routine sometimes. I can easily see how the prospect of spending a month sober could become the new adventure.

If you were to pick a month to have a dry spell, would July be it? Let me run down the calendar here and jot down a few things to note when considering a hiatus from imbibing. Tweet me or comment below if you’ve got ideas about what I’ve left out.

- July: Independence Day, hot weather, weddings?

-August: It’s still hot, still wedding season.

-September: Labor Day, college football.

-October: My birthday, Halloween.

-November: Thanksgiving, reunions in your hometown with school friends.

-December: Ditto, plus the winter holidays.

-January: Primo time for resolutions.

-February: Sober Valentine’s Day?

-March: St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness.

-April: I got nothin’. Kerry’s birthday!

-May: Memorial Day.

-June: That enchanting beginning of summer weather that draws you to roof decks and patios like you’re under a spell.

Looking over that list, it’s clear that I associate drinking with celebrations and holidays. That’s pretty consistent with the way my family drinks, but doesn’t exactly match up with how DC drinks. Unless making it through any given Tuesday at work is cause for some kind of self-congratulatory toast. And, hey, sometimes that may be the case. All the more reason to cheer on @dancetotheradio. Bookmark the blog and check back with her often. She’s making a valiant effort, on top of her already valiant effort, to keep updating daily.

The url is:

Cheers, DC!

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  1. PerfectlyEventful says:

    I’ve often thought some of these same thoughts! In college, as a swimmer, we had to go “dry” for a month before our biggest competitions. You wouldn’t believe how challenging it could be for the team!

    Also, April is my birthday :) I’d have to say, Septeber 28th – October 28th could be a nice option to pilot this!

    • nikolenka says:

      Good point. Post updated to include your birthday.

      I was actually thinking the weeks leading up to your and A’s marathon would be a good time to do this. I’d like to try something new. :)

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