What the Heck Do You Pack for the Beach

I’m counting down the days until my one and only week-long vacation for the year. Every day of which I expect to be on a beach and in a swimsuit. If I never put on pants once the whole week, I will be thrilled. Sorry, don’t be jealous. I know, it’s kind of obnoxious to talk about your vacay. Sorry again. Anyway, I’ve never taken a trip like this as a grown up and I’m wondering what the heck does one pack to be on a beach for a week? I’m trying to bring as little as possible. Let me try to get a list going here. If I’m forgetting anything crucial, please let me know on the twittahs. I’m @nikolenka.

Beach Vacation List:

ASOS Mini Bodycon Dress, $15

1. 3-4 swimsuits

ASOS Bronze V Wire Snakeskin Bikini, $45

2. sandals

3. 2 cover ups

4. sunglasses

5. hat

6. one pair of heels, just in case?

7. a couple dresses

8. shorts and a couple t-shirts

9. sneakers in case of light hiking/touristy crap

10. 1 large purse

11. one clutch

12. tank tops

Trusty strappy heels, Nine West

13. PJs

14. toiletries – moisturizer w/ spf, face wipes, mascara, blush, eyeliner, lipstick and chapstick w/ spf, dental care items, hair ties, comb

15. travel clothes – jeans or leggings, top, light sweatshirt

16. undies

17. big, fun accessories

This can’t be it. What else am I missing?

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