What You Really Need for Frankenstorm

Everybody out there is an expert on something. For some people, it’s nuclear engineering. For others, maybe it’s how to develop sophisticated computer programs. I happen to know how to make it through a hurricane. Which is lucky for you if you happen to be in the supposed path of Hurricane Sandy, aka FRANKENSTORM.
Image of Hurricane Sandy via weatherchannel.com
Before you believe a single thing I say, you may want to hear about my credentials. Basically, my only qualification is that I’m a Floridian through and through. As such, I’ve ridden out more storms than I can count. The wind, the rain, the danger . . . we eat it for breakfast. Floridians get a bad rap for all the crazies that our state produces; to name a couple: Casey Anthony, the burn the Koran guy. But for what we lack in sanity, we make up for in bravery and storm preparedness.

Here’s my honest-to-goodness-list of what you need to do and get before the storm:

1. Keep your electronics charged. Kindle, ipad, phone, you’re going to need a full battery if the power goes out.
2. A storm buddy. Unless you are a real lone wolf, you don’t want to be stuck inside for days by yourself. If you live alone, agree to have a friend come over to watch movies, braid your hair, or do whatever it is you like to do when you get really bored. Don’t forget the wine/beer.
3. A project. This is a great time to reorganize your closet or write that novel length performance review for work.
4. Food and water. (Duh.) If you live in the burbs, or some other location that Pepco doesn’t seem particularly concerned about, you could be without power so make sure you have things you can make without electricity. Pop tarts come to mind.
5. Candles. Sexy and practical.
6. Your wits. This is the most important. Keep your wits about you. The local and national news are doing their best to freak us all out about this storm. But with a little common sense, we’ll all be fine. Make sure you’re in a place that’s up to code and not prone to flooding. For instance, if you live in a Bloomingdale basement, I’d just pack up my valuables, email my landlord, and volunteer to be someone’s storm buddy in a highrise apartment building.

Good luck, everybody. In lots of places people are less prepared and have fewer defenses against severe weather. If you would like to donate to international storm relief efforts, you can do so here. I hope no one’s apartment actually gets flooded and no one gets hurt. Have magical storm parties and donate generously. Be safe!


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